Video Editor

Help us edit & break down interview footage to be used as training material to support juvenile workers in supply chains across Asia (commitment depending on your availability).

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 1 hour briefing call about the project and our requirements, and be in regular touch with the project manager for continued support and instructions
  • Edit interview footage into 5-10 clips as specified of interviewees speaking in Turkish, Bengali and Chinese. Transcripts with English translation of the dialogues and time stamps will be provided (There are 3 interviews, your commitment will depend on your availability)
  • Add English subtitles & text frames
  • A one-hour meeting in our Hong Kong office to go through the final clips and deliver the footage (optional)
  • Must use Adobe Premiere Pro


We’re a leading centre on child rights and business with our headquarters in Hong Kong. We support businesses to deliver improvements within their supply chains that not only benefit workers, families and children, but also companies in their endeavour to positively impact on children. We are currently developing training materials for a client that will be used in their global supply chain to support juvenile workers employed in their factories. These young workers will learn about their workplace rights, health & safety and other key topics through these training materials. As part of this project, we are interviewing 3 young factory workers in China, Bangladesh and Turkey respectively. This interview footage will have to be cut into short segments with English subtitles that will then be sent to the client.

What we have

Transcripts translated into English will be provided together with the raw footage.Content for text frames and branding requirements will be provided.We will have briefing sessions and regular communication between the project manager and video editor. A face-to-face meeting in our Hong Kong office is also an option to go through the edits, and conveniently transfer files.

Why this is important

Our training material will have a big impact on young workers’ on-boarding experience when they start working in factories. Many have never worked before or have never been given any information on their rights at work so these training materials will be important tools in raising awareness on rights, health & safety, effective communication, financial literacy etc. Ultimately, these materials will support them in safeguarding their rights through enhanced knowledge.

Project Period

22 Nov 2020 - 08 Dec 2020


15hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Video Editing
  • Video Post-Production


  • English

About the Organization

The Centre for Child Rights and Business

The Centre for Child Rights and Business


Human Rights

What we do

The Centre for Child Rights and Business (formerly 'CCR CSR') is a leading centre on child rights and business. We support businesses to deliver improvements within their supply chains that not only benefit workers, families and children, but also deliver positive business outcomes. We offer global expertise, services and support covering a broad range of child rights and well-being issues. Our services cover responsible recruitment practices with a focus on child labour prevention and remediation, child rights risks assessments, support packages for young workers and other vulnerable groups, and a comprehensive set of services to create family-friendly workplaces in supply chains. Headquartered in Hong Kong, The Centre works in a growing number of countries including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam among others.

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