DSE Tutors (Physics)

English speaking DSE Tutor to help our refugee students prepare for their exams in Physics

Project Details

What we need

  • Spend 2 hours a week with refugee students
  • Prepare the students for their Public DSE exams in Physics


Our form 6 students are getting ready to give their DSE public exams, but they need help preparing.

What we have

(1) Students' academic history (2) Assistance with scheduling and admin

Why this is important

This project will create sustainable change in the lives of our refugee clients. It provides the opportunity for a positive future for the students, one where they can be contributing members of society.

Project Period

01 Apr 2021 - 15 May 2021



Honorarium available upon completion


2hours perweek

Time Commitment


  • Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Youth Mentorship


  • English

This project is part of the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program

Together with Swire Trust, we've launched the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program which encourages skilled volunteers for their NGOs partners.

From 2020 to 2022, you can volunteer for Swire's NGO partners and redeem educational and experiential rewards. 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition!

For details, please see here. šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Swire Trust Go-Givers Program

About the Organization

CA Centre for Refugees

CA Centre for Refugees



PovertyCommunity DevelopmentHuman Rights

What we do

The CA Centre for Refugees creates an inclusive community for refugees and asylum seekers by fulfilling their humanitarian needs, providing opportunities for their future and empowering them to live with hope and dignity.

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