Legal Consultant

Revise our existing volunteer agreements, and create an NDA to protect our intellectual property

Project Details

What we need

  • Attend a 1 hour Zoom call with our executive director and program director
  • Revise two existing volunteer agreements (one for our interns, and one for our ambassadors)
  • Create a NDA to protect our intellectual property (resources, scripts etc)


We have an agreement template for interns and ambassadors, which is based off another organization's volunteer agreement. We would like to modify certain clauses to suit our own organization's needs, and would like help to do this. Additionally, we would like to have a non-disclosure agreement for collaborators to sign to protect our intellectual property and organizational strategic plans.

What we have

The existing agreements for interns and ambassadors will be provided. We will provide more information about our expectations for interns and ambassadors during the Zoom meeting, as well as the nature of our intellectual property.

Why this is important

The volunteer agreements will help us establish firm expectations for our interns and ambassadors. Our ambassador and internship programs are central to our work, and we have approximately 25 ambassadors and 3 interns. Additionally, the non-disclosure agreement will protect our intellectual property (educational resources, workshop/talk scripts). This is highly important to us because much of our work surrounds these resources and workshops.

Project Period

01 Jun 2021 - 20 Jun 2021




10hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Legal Assistance
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Consultation


  • English

About the Organization

Body Banter

Body Banter


Community DevelopmentYouthMental Health

What we do

Body Banter is an up-and-coming nonprofit organization that connects young people and empowers them to find their voices in conversations about body image and mental health.

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