Leadership Coaching

Coach and strengthen our leadership team to be more effective, offer them techniques in sustaining continuous growth in an organisation

Leadership Coaching

Use This Project Template

Edit the details according to your needs and post this project.

Suggested Project Details

What the volunteer will do
  • Join us for a 1 hour call to learn more about our organization, and discuss perceived areas of strength and areas of improvement in leadership style, and assess the team motivation and morale
  • [Example] Decide on the goals (e.g. strategy, personnel and board management) and timeline (e.g. monthly) for coaching sessions
  • [Example] Conduct the coaching sessions — Various techniques may be used by the coach to achieve the desired results
  • [Example] Evaluate lessons learned and progress made, discuss areas and actionable items to focus on going forward
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. Relevant professional coaching certifications and experience required)]
What you should provide the volunteer

[Example] Objectives, team culture and introduction to our team member(s) joining the coaching sessions will be provided

Achieved Goals

[Example] We’d love to learn how to become stronger leaders, and want actionable steps and advice to achieve our goals

Suitable Volunteer


3 hours per week

  • Human Resources
  • Coaching
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Mentorship

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