About Us

Time Auction is a charity that advocates volunteerism. We encourage volunteering with inspiring experiences, while connecting skilled-volunteers with NGOs.

By volunteering at any nonprofits, one can earn unique access to their passions — from learning to cook from Michelin-starred chefs to dining with inspiring entrepreneurs. With our volunteer community, we also match professionals who want to volunteer their talent with nonprofits that need those skills.

Time Auction is a registered charity in Hong Kong with reference number 91/15276 under the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone integrates volunteering as part of their lifestyle, and has an equal opportunity to learn from their role models.

Board of Directors

Aaron Lee

Board Director

Sandra Leung

Board Director

Suetyi Wong

Co-founder & Board Director

Staff Members

Fion Leung

Co-founder & CEO

Ivy Wong

Program Director

Annissa Suen

Senior Program Manager

Catherine Wong

Senior Program Manager

Amanda Tse

Program Manager

Adeline Tang

Product Manager

Melody Fong

Nonprofit Engagement Manager

Anthony Leung

NGO Engagement Assistant Manager

Shirley Chan

Partnership & Marketing Manager

Sarita Wong

Partnership & Marketing Assistant Manager

Thomas Leung

Community Project Assistant

Dickson Tang

Community Project Assistant


Belinda Ma

Partnership Lead

Anthea Sou

Partnership Lead


Nupur Agrawal

Impact Measurement Advisor

Christopher Hugentobler

Product & Growth Advisor

Angie Lau


Roy Lam

Reward Executive Committee Member

Eugenia Lo

Fundraising Advisor

Heather Lo

SEO Advisor

Roy Pang

Advisor & Reward Executive Committee Member

David Wen

Co-founder & Advisor

Annual Reports

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