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Meet Gurmit Singh, Actor, Host & Comedian

This auction has ended. It collected 57 volunteer hours.
Dinner with Gurmit (20 Jan 2020)

It will be held from 6:45-9pm on 20 Jan 2020 at Raffles Family Office (One Raffles Place, #29-02)

Often described as “Singapore’s answer to Jim Carrey”, meet Gurmit, the well-loved actor, host & comedian who is most well known for his role at “PCK Pte Ltd” as Phua Chu Kang!


Often described as “Singapore’s answer to Jim Carrey” and cultivating a large following with his disarming comic persona, Gurmit Singh is a unique personality well-­‐‑loved by many. His versatility and multi-­‐‑faceted talents as a comedian, host, singer, actor makes him a hit with the audience wherever he goes. Helming the award-­‐‑winning sitcom “PCK Pte Ltd” as Phua Chu Kang, ‘the best contractor in Singapore, JB and some say, Batam’, Gurmit has penetrated the public’s consciousness with his engaging portrayal of an uncouth Chinese blue-­‐‑ collar worker and made it an iconic character. He was named Best Comedy Actor five times in the prestigious Asian Television Awards.

Best known as a comedian, Gurmit revealed his dramatic flair when he portrayed a rigid disciplinarian father who was guilt-­‐‑stricken when his son disappears in “Shiver”, a science-­‐‑fiction series.

As a host, Gurmit has done it all, captivating masses with his charisma and talents. Besides having his own talk show and anchoring Singapore Idol, he is a regular fixture at the Singapore’s National Day Parade.

His silver screen debut in 2001 with acclaimed director Eric Khoo in “One Leg Kicking” saw him in the lead role Tai Po, an underdog who finally succeeds in pursuing his dream of becoming a soccer star.

One who keeps challenging himself, Gurmit rewarded audiences with a very different side of him when he played a leading role in a Chinese drama serial, “Baby Boom” in 2003, a language he had to learn phonetically from a Mandarin tutor. He also earned a Best Actor nomination at the prestigious Golden Horse Awards in 2007 with his superb performance in a Mandarin feature film as a blue-­‐‑collar technician who swapped souls with his lady boss after a freak accident in “Just Follow Law”.

In 2013, Gurmit again was cast for a movie lead role of a PhD researcher who turns to taxi driving in “Taxi! Taxi!”. This heartwarming comedy kicked off with strong box office performances in its opening week in both Singapore and Malaysia.
In 2014, Gurmit added another accolade to his list of achievements when his alter-­‐‑ego Phua Chu Kang was immortalised as a wax figure and joined the Madame Tussauds Singapore celebrity hall of fame.

In 2014, Gurmit was invited to serve as a Council Member in the Families for Life Council, a government initiative to help Singaporean families to nurture, sustain and grow good work life balance.
Gurmit has been selected on several occasions to be the ambassador for a variety of products and services like Chevrolet, Bosch tools, Jotun Paint, Dell Computers, Dover Park Hospice, Property Projects in Singapore and Malaysia, just to name a few.

Gurmit's peerless energy and his engaging personality have brought him thus far, and it is little wonder why he is one of Singapore’s best loved artistes.

Gumiet singh actor host comedian profilephoto


All volunteer hours must be completed during 1 August 2019 to 10 January 2020.

Ticket price is SG$15 (Full-time students aged 25 or below) / SG$25 (General Participants) to support the event costs and our mission to make volunteerism mainstream.

Dinner will be held from 6:45-9pm on 20 Jan 2020 at Raffles Family Office (One Raffles Place, #29-02)

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Dinner with Gurmit (20 Jan 2020)

It will be held from 6:45-9pm on 20 Jan 2020 at Raffles Family Office (One Raffles Place, #29-02)

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