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- Starting at 15 Volunteer Hours -

Lunch with Peggy, Founder of Grassroots Pantry & Francis, Founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong

This auction has ended. It collected 167 volunteer hours.
Lunch with Peggy & Francis (27 Apr)

This lunch is part of the “Time of Our Lives” event at 11:30am-3:30pm at HKEx Connect Hall at Exchange Square, Central on 27 April 2019. By signing up to this lunch, you are getting a ticket to the event.

Meet two entrepreneurs who started HK's green movement through their social enterprises & initiatives!



Peggy is the Founder, Executive Chef and Managing Director of Grassroots Pantry and Prune Organic Deli & Workshop, a restaurant, cafe and workshop space through which she is able to share her passion for organic, plant-based food with the community; support local sustainable agriculture, food-related NGOs, and help to educate the public about the issues that face our food systems today.
Grassroots Pantry was founded in 2012, and since its opening, the restaurant has enjoyed great success and community support. GP along with its sister deli, Prune, have been featured on numerous local and worldwide publications such as CNN Travel, Cathay Pacific Discovery Magazine, Travel & Leisure SE Asia, Monocle and National Geographic India.

Peggy is also a member of Global Shapers Hong Kong, an ambassador to the social start-up, Green Monday, and a co-leader and co-Director of Zero Waste Alliance HK, which champions food waste reduction and management in the city. Her advocacy has earned her the title of Sustainability Champion at the T.Dining Awards 2018 and invitations to cook an exclusive dinner in celebration of International Women’s Day at the famed James Beard House in Manhattan as well as to participate as a speaker in the popular Melbourne Food & Wine Festival in 2018.



Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong ( He is also the Founder of Playtao Education, Bottless, Hatch co-working factory, Sonova Institute and Co-Founder of Green Monday and RunOurCity etc.

Since founded in 2007, SVhk has invented and incubated more than 40 social innovation projects, including LightBe affordable housing and Diamond Cab. Being an Impact Purpose Organization, it dedicates to innovating social change through pioneering impact ventures, aggregating impact capital and providing Business 2.0 consultancy.

Prior to establishing SVhk, Francis was the Head of Strategy in a listed technology conglomerate in HK. He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong and was conferred as an Honorary Fellow by the University in 2013. He was selected as one of the 100 Asia Pioneers by The Purpose Economy in 2014, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2012, one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2011 and Honorary Fellow of the Education University of HK in 2018. He also serves as Deputy Chairman of Asia Venture Philanthropy Network.

As an ultra-running veteran, Francis completed The North Pole Marathon in 2013, Sundown Ultra-marathon 100km Race and the 250-km Gobi March of the 4 Deserts race series.



All volunteer hours must be completed during 1 July 2018 to 15 April 2019.

Cost per person is HK$100 to support the running costs of our charity and our mission to make volunteerism mainstream.

For the first time, we're bringing our community and mentors together for a day of interactive learning and celebration of our 5th anniversary! On 27 Apr 2019 (Sat) 11:30am - 3:30pm, join us for lunch, story-sharing and a mini afterparty.

How to join:
1) Sign up to a table you'd like to join for lunch (please choose one only!)
2) Volunteer 15 hours to any charity during 1 Jul 2018 - 15 Apr 2019
3) Enjoy the event!

Special thanks to our title sponsor IWC Schaffhausen and venue sponsor Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Event not yet held will be rescheduled if typhoon Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force within 3 hours before the event starts. In the event of Typhoon Signal No.3 or other unexpected events, Time Auction will make a decision depending on the circumstances.

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Lunch with Peggy & Francis (27 Apr)

This lunch is part of the “Time of Our Lives” event at 11:30am-3:30pm at HKEx Connect Hall at Exchange Square, Central on 27 April 2019. By signing up to this lunch, you are getting a ticket to the event.

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