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Anne o'riordan group director digital jardine matheson profilephoto

Meet Anne O’Riordan, Group Director of Digital of Jardine Matheson

Meet Anne, the former Senior MD at Accenture who's now leading the digital and innovation strategy of Jardine Matheson, a diversified Asian-based group with a broad portfolio of market-leading businesses.
Date: 2020-01-20 19:15
Limited spaces available.
36 days left to apply
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Meet Felix Chong (莊文強), Renowned Movie Director and Screenwriter

Meet Felix Chong (莊文強), the award-winning director and screenwriter who created Infernal Affairs (無間道), Overheard series (竊聽風雲系列), Project Gutenberg (無雙) and many more!
Date: 2020-01-13 19:15
Limited spaces available.
27 days left to apply
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Felix chong renowned movie director and screenwriter profilephoto

Meet Felix Chong (莊文強), Renowned Movie Director and Screenwriter

Meet Felix Chong (莊文強), the award-winning director and screenwriter who created Infernal Affairs (無間道), Overheard series (竊聽風雲系列), Project Gutenberg (無雙) and many more!
Date: 2020-01-13 19:15
Limited spaces available.
27 days left to apply
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Sally osborne head of innovation peninsula hotels profilephoto

Meet Sally Osborne, Director of Innovation & Kaleidoscope Lab, Peninsula Hotels

Meet Sally, the luxury hospitality guru who's heading up Innovation at Peninsula Hotels and transforming the 150 year-old iconic hospitality brand!
Date: 2020-02-20 19:15
Limited spaces available.
65 days left to apply
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Meet Liuyi Luo, Founder & CEO of Righteous Capital

Meet Liuyi, who has managed the allocation of a USD1.5 billion DSP for Alibaba Group’s IPO in 2014 (the largest IPO in world history!) and worked with many first-generation Chinese successful entrepreneurs!
Date: 2020-01-06 19:15
Limited spaces available.
20 days left to apply
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Liuyi luo founder ceo righteous capital profilephoto

Meet Liuyi Luo, Founder & CEO of Righteous Capital

Meet Liuyi, who has managed the allocation of a USD1.5 billion DSP for Alibaba Group’s IPO in 2014 (the largest IPO in world history!) and worked with many first-generation Chinese successful entrepreneurs!
Date: 2020-01-06 19:15
Limited spaces available.
20 days left to apply
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Franco lam co founder  chairman  lbs group profilephoto

Meet Franco Lam, Co-founder and Chairman of LBS Group (史偉莎)

Meet Franco, Co-founder of LBS Group (史偉莎), who envisions a society where cleaners are respected through professional hygiene services.
Date: 2020-02-05 19:15
Limited spaces available.
50 days left to apply
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Meet Rudi Leung, Founder of Hungry Digital

Meet the Musician turned award-winning Adman, who founded Hungry Digital, a “social first” creative agency with clients including Chanel, IKEA, Dyson, Shiseido and more!
Date: 2020-02-11 19:15
Limited spaces available.
56 days left to apply
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Rudi leung founder hungry digital profilephoto

Meet Rudi Leung, Founder of Hungry Digital

Meet the Musician turned award-winning Adman, who founded Hungry Digital, a “social first” creative agency with clients including Chanel, IKEA, Dyson, Shiseido and more!
Date: 2020-02-11 19:15
Limited spaces available.
56 days left to apply
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Matt pecot managing director barclays profilephoto

Meet Matt Pecot, Head of Markets, Asia Pacific, Barclays

Meet Matt and hear his leadership lessons learned from spearheading teams at Barclays, Credit Suisse & UBS, as well as from serving in U.S. Army Special Forces!
Date: 2020-02-12 19:15
Limited spaces available.
57 days left to apply
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Meet Aaron Lee, Founder of Dash Living

Meet Aaron. Founder of Dash Living. Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2016. Serial Entrepreneur since he was 17. Founding team at which was acquired by Groupon in 2010.
Date: 2020-01-09 19:15
Limited spaces available.
23 days left to apply
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Aaron lee founder dash living profilephoto

Meet Aaron Lee, Founder of Dash Living

Meet Aaron. Founder of Dash Living. Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2016. Serial Entrepreneur since he was 17. Founding team at which was acquired by Groupon in 2010.
Date: 2020-01-09 19:15
Limited spaces available.
23 days left to apply
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Mandy ng ceo hk express profilephoto

Meet Mandy Ng, CEO of HK Express

Meet Mandy, the first woman to lead a local airline and also a part of the 3% female CEOs in the global aviation industry.
Date: 2020-01-16 19:15
Limited spaces available.
30 days left to apply
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Meet Karen Seymour, Chief Purpose Officer of

Meet Hong Kong's first Chief Purpose Officer, who helps CEOs and their teams unleash and activate purpose as part of a company’s winning strategy!
Date: 2020-03-03 19:15
Limited spaces available.
77 days left to apply
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Karen seymour chief purpose officer human at work profilephoto1

Meet Karen Seymour, Chief Purpose Officer of

Meet Hong Kong's first Chief Purpose Officer, who helps CEOs and their teams unleash and activate purpose as part of a company’s winning strategy!
Date: 2020-03-03 19:15
Limited spaces available.
77 days left to apply
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Upcoming auctions

Simon wong chairperson ceo lh group kabushikigaisha limited profilephoto

Meet Simon Wong, Chairperson and CEO of LH Group (叙福樓集團)

Meet Simon, who expanded the Group beyond Chinese restaurants with brands such as Gyu-Kaku (牛角), On-Yasai (温野菜) and Mou Mou Club (牛涮鍋).
Date: 2020-03-04 19:15
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Meet Carman Chan, Founder of Click Ventures

Meet the serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist — Founder of Click Ventures which invested in Spotify, Meetup, Docusign, Palantir and more!
Date: 2020-02-18 19:15
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Carman chan founder click ventures profilephoto

Meet Carman Chan, Founder of Click Ventures

Meet the serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist — Founder of Click Ventures which invested in Spotify, Meetup, Docusign, Palantir and more!
Date: 2020-02-18 19:15
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Erwin huang serial social entrepreneur profilephoto

Meet Erwin Huang (黃岳永), Serial Social Entrepreneur

Meet Erwin. Former CEO of Tse Sui Luen. Serial Social Entrepreneur who leads Social Career, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, WebOrganic, DreamStarter and many more!
Date: 2020-02-13 19:15
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Past auctions

York chow chief medical officer corporate advisor aia profilephoto
Meet York, our former Secretary for Food and Health and Chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission who joined the insurance giant AIA early this year.
John tsang financial secretary hksar government profilephoto
Known as "Mr Potato Chips" (薯片叔叔), meet the former Financial Secretary who has served Hong Kong for over three decades
Anson chan fang former chief secretary of hong kong special adminstrative region profilephoto
One of the most trusted faces of Hong Kong, the first woman and the first Chinese to hold the second-highest position in the HKSAR Government.
Vicci cheuk creative profilephoto
Also known as G and GC Goo-Bi, meet the beloved media personality, stand-up comedian, and an occasional television pundit and talk show host.
Tsang yam pui former commissioner of police ceo nws holdings limited profilephoto
Learn about leadership from the man who headed the Hong Kong Police Force in 2001 to 2003, and now spearheading NWS Holdings Limited, the conglomerate flagship of New World Development.
Best known for creating LKF and reviving Ocean Park, Dr. Zeman is an iconic visionary who has shaped the contemporary culture of Hong Kong
Photo of ray chan
Ray is the CEO and Co-founder of 9GAG, the leading social entertainment platform for humor content with over 80 million monthly visitors
Jasper tsang former president lesgislative council profilephoto
Meet our Ex-LegCo President and founding member of DAB who has served HK for more than 20 years.
William is the brains behind PMQ, the new space for creativity that was originally the Police Married Quarters built in 1951
Screen shot 2015 03 11 at 11.07.18 am
A Tech Enthusiast, David is a co-founder of Divide which was acquired by Google in 2014 for US$120 million
Anson chan fang former chief secretary of hong kong special adminstrative region profilephoto
One of the most trusted faces of Hong Kong, the first woman and the first Chinese to hold the second-highest position in the HKSAR Government.
Cindy is the Executive Director of the HK$1 billion Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, an Alibaba Group initiative to support local entrepreneurs
Dominic is leading Google's efforts in helping Hong Kong get the most out of the internet
Antony leung chairman ceo nan fung group profilephoto
Meet Antony Leung 梁錦松. Group Chairman & CEO of Nan Fung Group. Former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong from 2001 to 2003.
Profile1 copy
Norma founded DayDayCook, the hottest culinary website across Asia, offering step-by-step instructions on how to cook Asian food recipes
Alex fong actor singer swimmer profilephoto
Get dinner with Alex (方力申), well-loved actor, singer and art collector, who started as an award-winning swimmer and still the holder of several Hong Kong swimming records!
Adam gregory managing director linkedin hong kong profilephoto
Meet Adam who oversees LinkedIn's operations in HK and leads an APAC wide sales team to help business attract and retain the best talent.
Hing chao ceo international guoshu association profilephoto
Executive Director of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings. Leading advocate for Chinese martial arts who also founded Hong Kong Culture Festival & Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival.
Profilepic2 copy
Vivek is probably the funniest person in Hong Kong, who is also a musician and an award-winning new media designer
Wesley wong actor pacific rim profilephoto
Meet the rising star from Hong Kong who just made his US debut in the film “Pacific Rim: Uprising”.
Screen shot 2014 05 27 at 10.37.48 pm
Jennifer is the co-founder of ARCH Education, a philanthropist & best-selling author who's changing the way the next generation is educated
Douglas co-founded Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) 住好啲, an iconic Hong Kong lifestyle store and a multifaceted cultural trendsetter
Dan brody vp business development tencent profilephoto
Meet Dan who has years of experience on business development at Google, Spotify, Tudou, Motorola and now Tencent Games.
Christine ip ceo greater china united overseas bank profilephoto1
Meet Christine Ip, the Award-winning Banker and CEO of Greater China of United Overseas Bank
Alvin yeung gay games civic party barrister profilephoto logo
Want to know more about sports and diversity? Join “Sports and Diversity: Gay Games Hong Kong” Lunch with Alvin Yeung
Tse po tat chairman executive director hung fook tong profilephoto
Meet the man behind Hung Fook Tong (鴻福堂), the No. 1 Wellness Drink in Hong Kong for 15 consecutive years.
Nisa leung managing partner qiming venture partners profilephoto
Nisa is a Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners, a China investment firm with over USD 2.7 billion in assets and investment in over 180 companies.
Ac 17494  0630 r
Arthur is the CEO and co-founder of 6waves, the leading global publisher of online games with over 20 million active users
Emma Sherrard Matthew is the CEO of Quintessentially Lifestyle, an award-winning global private Members’ club with over 60 offices worldwide
Lindsay jang founder yardbird profilephoto
Hong Kong via NYC, originally from Canada. Mother of two. Restaurateur. Entrepreneur. Yoga practitioner and teacher. Classic Libra traits with rooster tendencies.
Antony leung chairman ceo nan fung group profilephoto
Meet Antony Leung 梁錦松. Group Chairman & CEO of Nan Fung Group. Former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong from 2001 to 2003.
Vicky lau executive chef tate dining profilephoto
Enjoy a cooking demo and 3-course lunch with Vicky, Head Chef & Owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Tate Dining Room and Bar, who was also named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2015!
Ben sir linguist host actor profilephoto
The scholar-turned-celebrity shot to fame by teaching Cantonese slangs on TV in 2016. He also produced his own stand-up comedy show early this year and appeared in movies & TV series.
Lau ming wai chairman chinese estates holdings limited profilephoto
Ming Wai Lau is the Chairman of Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, Chairman of Commission on Youth, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park and more
Lisa is on a mission to revolutionise women's undergarments in Hong Kong
Lisa nip hilke schlichting yoon ha lee becky chambers melon profilephoto
How can we survive in space? When will we find another earth? From UCLA Planetary scientist to award-winning writers, Melon HK brings together the brightest minds in science to share and inspire
Kearen pang director writer of 29 1 profilephoto2
The cross-media creator who scripted, directed and starred in her one-woman play 29+1, and it was then adapted into the award-winning film.
Doris set up Diamond Cab to solve social injustice in the logistics space for the disabled, a social enterprise that helps many in need
Belinda koo founder xyz profilephoto1
Founder of popular spinning studio XYZ, UBS Wealth Manager and mother of three, Belinda lives to inspire to be an agent of positive change
Jim thompson chairman crown worldwide group profilephoto
Jim Thompson started Crown Worldwide in 1965 with $1,000. It is now the largest privately held relocation company operating in 60 countries
Profile pic
Alan co-founded The Armoury, an honest retailer sharing a view on how classic gentlemen should present themselves
Gigi chao cheuk nang profilephoto
Meet Gigi. Executive Vice-Chairman of Cheuk Nang. The first female President of Hong Kong Aviation Club. A voice for the LGBTQ community.
Annoushka ducas founder links of london profilephoto
Meet the jewellery designer, creative director and entrepreneur who founded British jewellery brands Annoushka and Links of London
Ning lau founder who are invited profilephoto1
Meet the former VP of JOYCE, Founder of who ARE invited and Doll Artist who has collaborated with LVMH luxury brand Moynat, Shu Uemura and more!
Allen wong managing director roku roku group ltd profilephoto
Meet Allen, a branding and design guru whose goal is to make Or Tea?™ Hong Kong’s global tea brand.
Water is the Asia-Pacific CEO of StormHarbour, an independent Global Markets firm focused on Capital Markets and Fixed Income activities
Theodore is the co-founder of CoCoon, one of the largest co-working spaces in Hong Kong nurturing the HK entrepreneurial community
Standard image
From a restaurant trainee and the CEO, Jonathan made his mark on the company over the last two decades and led major projects including the second LKF in Chengdu, the iconic California Tower and many others.
8727 ur copy
Andrew has created many high profile lifestyle venues and events, including Michelin-starred restaurant NUR, nightclub Bungalow and LEVELS
Keith wu executive director chief financial officer twg profilephoto
Meet Keith, who formulates the corporate strategies for the growth and development of the Hong Kong leading coffee and tea provider founded in 1932.
Helene li managing director bnp paribas profilephoto
Being one of the Top 20 Influencers on Twitter & LinkedIn for Fintech, Insurtech & Impact Investing, Helene oversees the Strategic Planning and Brand & Communications team of BNP Paribas's wealth management business in Asia Pacific.
Jill co-founded Animals Asia, an NGO devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals
Vivek mahbubani stand up comedian profilephoto
Meet and learn Standup Comedy skills from Vivek, who's probably the funniest person in Hong Kong!
Screen shot 2016 01 24 at 10.01.20 pm
Joe Ngai is the Director & Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company HK & speaks frequently on financial, management and social enterprise
Guy mills ceo manulife profilephoto
From IT programmer to CEO, the 22-year Manulife veteran has held leadership roles in Canada, Japan, the Philippines, China and now Hong Kong.
Simon is an internationally celebrated painter and one of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary artists
Manav gupta founder ceo brinc profilephoto
Founder of accelerator Brinc. An early Internet of Things proponent with a decade of experience growing tech & startup ecosystems in China
Leonie ki executive director new world development profilephoto1
Meet Leonie, the iconic figure in advertising who came up with the memorable Vitasoy campaign "維他奶, 點只汽水咁簡單".
Bernardchan convenor executive council profilephoto
One of the most well-known figures in HK's business, government and public service circles. "King of Vote" in the election of HK Deputy of National People's Congress in 2017.
Ronna chao md novel investments profilephoto
Meet Ronna, a well-respected veteran in the textiles and investment industry who has worked for Goldman Sachs and Tommy Hilfiger before arriving at Novetex Textiles and Novel Investment.
Keith wu executive director coo twg profilephoto
Meet Keith who formulates the corporate strategies for the growth and development of the Hong Kong leading coffee and tea provider founded in 1932.
Vivien webb managing director morgan stanley profilephoto
Meet Vivien, Managing Director and Head of Sales for Private Wealth Management Asia for Hong Kong and China markets in Morgan Stanley.
Shai oster asia bureau chief the information profilephoto
Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent Shai Oster is the Asia bureau chief of The Information, named one of Fast Company magazine's most innovative media companies. He previously worked at the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.
Angie lau li ka shing foundation profilephoto1
The former Anchor at Bloomberg TV is now at Li Ka Shing Foundation, making a positive change in the world.
Ming gor owner pei ho counterparts profilephoto
Meet Ming Gor, the big-hearted restaurant owner in Sham Shui Po who is known for offering free meal boxes to the underprivileged people.
Since the first 759 Store in 2010, Coils has opened an average of 50 stores per year, making it one of the fastest growing retail chains
Peter cornthwaite ceo wwf profilephoto
Join Peter for an exclusive tour of the Island House, a declared heritage monument built in 1904, to discover its architectural history and learn WWF's conservation efforts amid the 140 species of plants at the site.
Po chung co founder dhl international profilephoto
Meet Po Chung, Co-founder of DHL International. Hear his entrepreneurial principles and stories, and dedication to promoting service leadership, arts and philanthropy.
Jill robinson founder animals asia profilephoto
Meet Jill who founded Animals Asia, a charity ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam!
Yk pang deputy managing director jardine matheson profilephotos
Meet Y.K. Pang, Deputy Managing Director of Jardine Matheson which is a conglomerate with subsidiaries include Hongkong Land, Dairy Farm, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and more.
Amy lo chairman head greater china ubs profilephoto
Let's talk private banking & philanthropy with Amy who has 30+ years of private banking experience and a Board Member of the UBS Optimus Foundation!
Hoi Wai is the CE of HKCSS which represents more than 400 non-governmental social service organisations
Chin chin teoh co director chat profilephoto
The former MD of BoAML & Head of Asia of Greenpark Capital is now at the Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT 六廠), fostering the spirit of the innovative legacy of HK's textile industry.
Carlson tong chairman sfc profilephoto
Meet Carlson Tong who leads the SFC to regulate Hong Kong's securities and futures markets.
Jack so chairman airport authority hong kong profilephoto
Meet Jack, current Chairman of the Hong Kong International Airport and former executive-level management of HKTDC, PCCW and MTR Corporation.
Daryl ng vice chairman sino group profilephoto1
Meet Daryl from the property conglomerate Sino Group, who advocates heritage conservation, good causes to bring a positive impact on others as well as innovation and technology for the betterment of the community.
Daniel weinberg senior partner and head of corporate strategy optiver apac profilephoto
Daniel oversees and represents the leading global electronic market maker to liaise with all financial industry contacts including exchanges, investment banks, vendors and industry groups in APAC.
Dr kevin lau chairman make a wish hong kong profilephoto
In addition to his day job as a radiologist, Kevin oversees Make-A-Wish® to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.
Jennifer van dale partner head of employment asia eversheds profilephoto
Jennifer Van Dale is an award-winning employment lawyer who consistently ranked in the top tier by Legal 500 Asia Pacific and Chambers Asia Pacific.
William yeung ceo hkbn profilephoto
Meet William, CEO of HKBN which is the largest provider of residential high speed fibre broadband service in HK.
Durrie hassan executive director carlton mansfield capital profilephoto
A Global Shaper, investor, and philanthropist who spends his time and effort to make social impact in Southeast Asia
Girish jhunjhnuwala ceo founder ovolo hotels profilephoto
Meet the HK-born Indian entrepreneur who built his luxury boutique hotel empire in HK & Australia.
Prof tony chan president hkust profilephoto
Meet Prof Tony Chan, President of HKUST, who led the university to be one of the best in the world with his honest and sincere approach.
Marjorie yang chairman esquel group profilephoto
Meet the lady behind Esquel, the textile and apparel manufacturer that produces over 110 million cotton shirts every year for brands including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Nike.
David udell apac president hyatt profilephoto1
Meet David Udell, Group President of Asia Pacific at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, who leads a culturally diverse group of 26,000 colleagues in over 90 hotels.
Violet lim co founder ceo lunch actually profilephoto
Asia’s first female Cupid and founder of the largest dating agency in South East Asia. Starting her business at the age of 24, Violet has arranged more than 100,000 dates to date!
Adele wong founder publisher the loop hk profilephoto
Meet Adele, who transitioned from hard news to lifestyle writing early in her journalism career, shunning court cases and legco meetings for dinner tastings instead.
Starfish principal rtc gaia school profilephoto
Frustrated with HK's rigid & test-oriented education system, Starfish started a primary school where Mother Nature acts the teacher.
Alfred chan md towngas profilephoto
Meet Alfred, who has fostered the expansion of the local gas utility company into a diversified business in Asia in the past two decades.
Rosanna li ceramist design educator hong kong profile photo
Known for her robust ceramic figurines with cultural & symbolic meanings, meet Rosanna Li, the Ceramist & Design Educator at her exhibition "Happiness in the Making"
Norman chan ce hkma profilehoto
Meet Norman who leads Hong Kong's central bank and currency board to maintain monetary stability in the era of smart banking and fintech.
Alice mong executive director asia society hong kong center profile photo
Alice has grown Asia Society to a cultural, artistic and intellectual hub in Hong Kong which plays host to leading international musicians such as Joshua Bell, exhibits the works of master painters such as Caravaggio etc.
Prof timothy tong president polyu profilephoto
Meet Prof. Timothy W. Tong, President of PolyU which is the largest publicly funded tertiary institution in Hong Kong.
Charles mok legislative councillor it profilephoto
Charles co-founded HKNet, one of Hong Kong's earliest Internet service providers. With his 25 years of experience in technology, he is now the Legislative Councillor representing the Information Technology Functional Constituency.
Mo yee lam former md joint head corporate finance group ubs investment bank profilephoto
Meet Mo Yee, a former senior investment banker at UBS who once completed a seven day 250km ultra-marathon in Madagascar to raise HK$3.3 million for charities.
Jenny chiu hr director nwd profilephoto
Jenny oversees human resources of New World Development which was awarded as one of the ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ by the HR Asia Awards for three consecutive years.
Vincent tsui founder ceo toast communications profilephoto
Meet Tsui Yuen, marketing guru and best-selling author who is also the former Chief Marketing Officer of Next Media and former Marketing Director of Mentholatum.
Tommy li award winning branding designer profilephoto1
Meet the "Brand Doctor" who has transformed 1010, Chow Sang Sang, Honeymoon Dessert, First Choice, Maxim’s Cakes and many more.
Prof edward chen chairman hkuspace profilephoto
Meet Prof. Chen with a distinguished career as educator, administrator, public servant and economist. His former positions include the President of Lingnan University, the Chairmen of Consumer Council and a Member of Legislative and Executive Council.
Mufti muhammad arshad chief imam profilephoto
Meet Mufti Muhammad Arshad who is the leader of the Muslim Community in Hong Kong.
Evan auyang md head of asia pacific glg profilephoto
Former the Deputy MD of KMB and Associate Partner of McKinsey & Company. Evan is now leading the business of GLG, the world's largest platform for professional learning, across 10 offices in Asia Pacific.
Rachel catanach president fleishmanhillard greater china profiephoto
Meet Rachel at FleishmanHillard, a communications firm & PRWeek’s first Global Agency of the Year.
Uncle siu english educator profilephoto
Hoarding over 300,000 likes on Facebook, Uncle Siu is an English educator who not only teaches English but also enraptures his audience with his less than common tone, deep voice and international accent with a hint of British influence.
Shalini mahtani founder the zubin foundation profilephoto
In memory of her son Zubin, Shalini founded The Zubin Foundation to raise awareness about social issues such as patient care and racial integration and also HospitalAdvisor to provide user-generated ratings on hospitals.
Vicky cheng michelin starred executive chef vea profilephoto
Join Vicky, Executive Chef at Michelin-starred VEA Restaurant & Lounge, for a cooking demonstration!
Christine ma lau founder principal jems learning profilephoto
Meet Christine, an expert in character education, who is raising the next generation of leaders with strong character and values
Danny yeung ceo prenetics profilephoto
Meet Danny, serial entrepreneur - from F&B, Hospitality, E-commerce and now disrupting healthcare with his latest venture in genetic testing.
Marc lesser founder ceo zba associates profilephoto
Meet Marc. Zen Teacher. Author. Speaker. Co-founder of SIYLI which brings mindfulness and emotional intelligence into the workplaces such as Google, LinkedIn, American Express and many others around the world.
Stephen wong ceo asia miles profilephoto
One of the most pioneering CEOs in Hong Kong who has grown Asia Miles to 9 million members with 700 program partners worldwide in just 6 years.
Jason yip resource mobilization division icrc profilephoto
Meet the banker who gave up his career to facilitate release of abductees in Afghanistan and help victims of Syrian civil war.
Frederick ma chairman mtr profilephoto
Meet Frederick, Chairman of MTR, former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong.
Screen shot 2016 01 24 at 9.25.18 pm
Wanna be funnier? Learn what makes a good comedian & how to tell a good story by meeting Jameson Gong, Founder of TakeOut Comedy
Paul choi executive director human capital management goldman sachs profilephoto
Meet Paul, Executive Director in the Human Capital Management division of Goldman Sachs and the Asia Pacific Head of Goldman Sachs University and Talent Branding
Profile pic2
Ivy is a media maven who developed household names such as Apple Animated News (蘋果動新聞) and
Nansun shi hk film producer profilephoto
Meet Nansun, internationally-recognized and award-winning film producer, who has contributed significantly to the Hong Kong cinema scene since the late 1970s.
Prof1   high
Dominic is an Independent Business Adviser, Corporate Trainer, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, University Lecturer and World explorer
Tom mehrmann former ceo ocean park founder themed advisors profilephoto1
Tom started his theme park career as a sweeper and eventually turned Ocean Park around with 11 record-breaking years of attendance & revenue
Gary liu ceo scmp profilephoto
Meet Gary, CEO of SCMP, influencer and innovator in the digital world who was previously Head of Labs at Spotify and COO at Digg.
Img 5520
Jaclyn founded Altitude Labs, a web and mobile development agency with a Silicon Valley background that builds awesome products
George chen head of public policy taiwan hong kong facebook profilephoto
Meet George, Head of Public Policy (HK & Taiwan) at Facebook and a strong advocate for internet freedom
Kevin ching ceo sothebys profilephoto
Meet Kevin, who leads Sotheby’s Asia, one of the world's largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles.
Screen shot 2015 03 20 at 12.28.59 am
Meet Bonnie, CEO of Icicle Group - Creative Production Specialist
Lam ching choi ceo haven of hope christian service profilephoto
Meet the doctor who's helping the elderly in Hong Kong, by pioneering holistic care and advising HK Government on relevant policies!
Shing Chow gained the capital to create Easyvan from being a Professional Poker Player
Profile pic
Ronald is a prominent Value Investor who wrote a book with and on Warren Buffet
Screen shot 2016 01 25 at 2.05.56 am
Aaron is currently head of Hong Kong EasyVan & has spent his career leading teams and consulting corporate and SMEs on change management
Jett rotmeyer founder impacthk love21 foundation profilephoto
Meet the man who is on a mission to get people off the streets of Hong Kong.
Screen shot 2015 03 14 at 11.56.19 pm
Frances is Project Director at Horizons Ventures
Samson is a Managing Director, Head of Investor Solutions and Institutional Sales at Barclays Investment Bank
Meet Derek, Co-Founder of Brew or Drip. An espresso bar that has become major hotspot for coffee aficionados all over town.
Meet Asif, the Hacker/Hustler/Designer & Visionary behind Spacious HK. A startup with a vision to disrupt Hong Kong online property platform
Fiona nott ceo the womens foundation profilephoto
Meet Fiona, who combines her senior advising experience of leading corporations such as Aesop, AIA and PCCW, with a passion for TWF’s mission to empower women and girls in Hong Kong.
Screen shot 2014 05 26 at 10.08.48 pm
Meet Allison Baum, Managing Director at Fresco Capital Advisors and former Regional Director at General Assembly
Efbd88 176
Tony is the Founder and CEO of Drawing Room Concepts, a six-restaurant empire in Hong Kong including the Michelin-starred The Drawing Room
Irene is an Architect, Authorised Person of HKIA, BEAM Professional. Assistant Director of Housing (Development & Procurement)
Chris michael own cinematographer wild about hk profilephoto
Most well-known for his project which records the wild animals in HK with hidden cameras. Chris is bringing us to his cameras in the countryside and sharing his experience and stories about the wildlife!
Belinda koo founder oneten profilephoto
Founder of One Ten & spinning studio XYZ, Managing Director at UBS and mother of three, Belinda lives to inspire to be an agent of positive change.
Tytus cropped
Tytus is a Veteran Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Startup Mentor
Screen shot 2014 05 29 at 6.23.26 pm
Robin is the Executive Director at Foodlink Foundation, an NGO that helps Hong Kong reduce food waste and fight poverty
Kylie co-founded PathFinders, an NGO with a mission to ensure every migrant child born in Hong Kong has a fair start in life
1400204 10101929977441565 1909771849 o
Meet Edward Leung, Director, Hong Kong China Development
Malcolm ong head of product scmp profilephoto
Meet Malcolm, Head of Product at SCMP, and hear how he's transforming the 115-year old publication into a global news media company.
Laura, Founder of Lighthouse Consultant, is a Communications Veteran, Award-Winning Emcee and Motivational Speaker
Jy portrait 1 final
Joyce is the Co-founder of Random Art Workshop, Photographer and Producer of the movie $upercapitalist
David yeung founder green monday profilephoto
Meet David, the global movement maker on sustainability and plant-based diet; social entrepreneur; impact investor; and author.
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Katherine is an interior designer with her own practice, and co-founder of Omberry, a yoga wear brand
Vanessa cheung group md nan fung development profilephoto
Meet Vanessa who oversees the Group’s property business and also their revitalization project of transforming the old Nan Fung Textile Mills factory.
Cecilia ho president lee hysan foundation profilephoto
Meet Cecilia, the former Goldman Sachs Executive Director & Citi Private Bank MD and now the President of Lee Hysan Foundation which supports impactful charity initiatives in HK.
George yeo former chairman kerry logistics singapore foreign minister profilephoto
Meet George, former Chairman of Kerry Logistics who's served the Singaporean Government for 23 years before retiring from politics.
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Meet Aaron Lee, A Serial Entrepreneur, Iconic Leader, Internet Industry Veteran with a passion for disruption and hyper growth.
Alain li regional chief executive richemont profilephoto
Meet Alain, who leads Richemont APAC, the Swiss luxury goods group which owns Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, IWC Schaffhausen, Montblanc, Chloé and more.
Lawrence ho chairman ceo melco resorts and entertainment profilephoto
Meet Lawrence who led Melco's development into one of the world’s largest gaming and entertainment groups which operates City of Dreams, Studio City and more.
Bobsy gaia founder mana profilephoto
Veteran environmentalist, founder of MANA! Fast Slow Food & ardent advocator of plant-based lifestyle, Bobsy is at the heart of the Eco movement.
Jean sung head of philanthropy centre asia jp morgan private bank profilepic
Meet Jean who advises philanthropists across Asia on giving strategies to enhance impact nationally, regionally and globally!
David chang managing partner mindworks ventures profilephoto aaron
Talk startups & investing with David, Co-founder MindWorks which manages US$230m+ assets and Aaron, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Dash Serviced Suites!
Henek lo ceo cofounder  hypeasiaco profilephoto
Meet Henek, Former GM who led Airbnb and WeWork’s expansions into Asia, who now helps startups do the same.
Simonshen hk international relations scholar profilephoto1
Meet the scholar and internet personality who makes international relations more accessible with his social media channels.
Michael wu chairman md maxims group profilephoto
Meet the man who expanded the Group beyond Chinese restaurants and introduced brands such as Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack to HK.
Jeanne lim ceo hanson robotics profilephoto
Meet Jeanne, former CEO of Hanson Robotics and Co-character Lead of Sophia, the AI humanoid robot and also the first robot to receive citizenship of a country!
Stephanie smith coo head of operations asiapacific goldman sachs profilephoto
Meet Stephanie Smith, the Head of APAC Operations at Goldman Sachs, who will share her insights on personal resiliency; trying, failing and still succeeding.
Vivian kong hong kong fencer profilephoto
Meet Vivian, who's currently ranked no. 1 in the world for Women's Épée and also the first Hong Kong fencer to win a World Cup title.
Lale kesebi ceo whisperer influencer profilephoto
Meet Lale, who has spent the last 20 years working directly with CEOs to inspire innovative and purposeful transformation in businesses.
Bensir simonshen jason chan doctors of reasoning and ideas profilephoto
Talk "Learning in the Future" with the scholars-turned-social media influencers!
Syaru shirley lin  political economist profilephoto
Meet Shirley, who's one of the first investors in Alibaba, retired as the youngest female partner at Goldman Sachs and now a professor in global political economy at CUHK.
William to executive director pmq profilephoto1
Meet William, who is the brains behind PMQ, the space for creative happenings that was originally the Police Married Quarters built in 1951.
Colin grant cofounder ceo the pure group profilephoto
Meet Colin, who started from a yoga studio with two teachers to now the wellness brand with Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Apparel, nood food and MyPureYoga across 5 cities.
June leung founder chairperson beacon group profilephoto
Meet June Leung, the tutorial queen who co-founded and grew Beacon College to be one of the biggest tutorial schools in HK.
Cat ruest executive director head of innovation technologies ubs profilephoto
Meet Cat, who leads client engagement at UBS and drives their businesses with technology and transformation.
Maike steinebach ceo visa hong kong macau profilephoto
An advocate for fintech development and women empowerment, meet Maaike, GM of Visa Hong Kong & Macau and previously Country Executive of Commonwealth Bank of Australia!
Andrew mcaulay founder kadoorie farm profilephoto
Meet the Chairman of Kadoorie Farm who is also a Poet, Cancer Survivor, and Philanthropist supporting nature conservation and sustainable living.
Suhanya raffel museum director m  profilephoto
Meet Suhanya who leads and oversees M+, the new museum of visual culture as part of West Kowloon Cultural District, focusing on 20th and 21st century art, design and architecture and moving image.
 mg 1214 large
Thomas is a prominent lawyer in the field of Merger and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital
Chi man kwan founder raffles family office profilephoto
Meet Chi Kwan, who founded Raffles Family Office with US$1.8 billion asset under management, and get a glimpse into the fast-growing world of Wealth Management and Family Offices in Asia!
Peggy fang roe chief sales and marketing officer asia pacific marriott int profilephoto
Meet Peggy, who leads Marriott’s go to market strategy over 20 cities, 23 brands and more than 720 hotels in Asia Pacific.
Marina vogt chief happiness officer li and fung profilephoto
Meet Hong Kong's first Chief Happiness Officer at Fung Group (with core businesses in Trading, Logistics, Distribution and Retail), who's helping over 42,000 employees in 350 locations worldwide to be happier and more engaged at work!
Shih wing ching founder centaline property agency profilephoto
Meet the man who started Centaline Property Agency (中原地產) in 1978, who's also a Philanthropist who donated his entire 45% stake in the company to his foundation!
Gene yu ceo blackpanda profilephoto
Meet Gene, CEO of Blackpanda, former U.S. Army Special Forces officer and author, who rescued Chang An-wei, the hostage held by Abu Sayyaf rebels in 2013.
Karen so ceo%29swire coca cola mainland china profilephoto
Meet Karen, who has 20+ years of experience with Coca-Cola and now leads Swire Coca-Cola, one of its top 5 bottlers worldwide.
Robert hah managing directo accenture strategy profilephoto
Talk consulting & disruption with Managing Director at Accenture Strategy, who is passionate about all things “new” to harness the power of disruptors!
Teresa ko china chairman freshfields profilepic
Meet Teresa, the first Chinese and female equity partner at Freshfields. Described as an ‘icon of the legal industry’, she's now the firm's China chairman and specialises in securities and M&A.
Angel ng ceo citi hk macau profilephoto
Meet Angel, the CEO of Citi HK & Macau who oversees all the businesses across the Citi franchise in the two markets.
Damien mooney md blackrock profilephoto
Meet Damien, who leads BlackRock's digital wealth strategy in the APAC region. He used to lead their Retail & Wealth Business and before that was Chief Marketing Officer for the region.
Tina chan head of philanthropy the swire group charitable trust profilephoto
Meet Tina Chan, who leads the Swire Trust on supporting NGOs in HK & Mainland China focusing on education, marine and arts.
Dr fan ning chairman hia profilephoto
Talk about "How to take care of your future and the ones you love, from living to good dying" with Dr. Fan Ning who strives for health equity in our society.
So man fung feng shui master profilephoto
Meet Master So, a sought-after Feng Shui expert, astrology guidebook writer, and an occasional actor and television presenter!
Anthony wong award winning actor profilephoto1
Meet Anthony Wong (黃秋生), one of the most recognizable actors in Hong Kong and also the first Hong Kong actor to have won Best Actor awards in films, stage theatre and TV.
John wood founder room to read profilephoto
Meet John, Founder of Room to Read, which has impacted the lives of 16.8 million children across 16 countries through its Literacy and Girls' Education programs since 2000!
Claire cormier thielke managing director hines asia pacific profilephoto
Meet Claire, MD of one of the world's largest real estate investors, who is also an avid athlete recently ran up Mount Everest!
Law wing chung managing partner and co founder jervois one profilephoto
Meet Chung, John Tsang's former assistant during the Chief Executive Election in 2017 which is acclaimed as one of the most successful political campaigns in HK.
Jen flowers global head of strategy business mgmt partnership development innovation hsbc profilephoto
An advocate for design thinking and women empowerment, meet Jen, who co-chairs TEDxTinHauWomen and leads innovation & partnership at HSBC Retail Banking & Wealth Management.
Cathy lee %e4%bd%9c%e8%80%85%e7%9b%b8
Writer of "Your Vegan Friend" & Founder of PubArt Gallery, Cathy will be sharing her own vegetarian recipes and entrepreneurial journey in this event
Sally, Founder of Hong Kong Dog Rescue, is saving lives of dogs and puppies while educating the public about pet adoption
Professor Ronald Li is the Founder of Novoheart, a stem cell biotechnology company which recently created the world’s first “cloned heart”
Sanjay ponnapa founder fuel espresso profilephoto
Born into a coffee-planting family with 5 generations of history, Sanjay started Fuel from a small cart to what is now a collection of luxury espresso bars in HK, Shanghai and New Zealand.
Garic's  profile copy
Uncovering the innovation secrets of Taipan Bakery to creating its signature brand with Snowy Mooncakes
Norman co-founded Boxful, a by-the-box valet storage services with free door-to-door delivery in Hong Kong
Screen shot 2016 01 24 at 11.51.16 pm
Peggy Chan is Chef, Owner of Grassroots Pantry & Prune Organic Deli who has helped paved the way for HK green eating scene
Khe 0145
Andy is a serial entrepreneur, known for founding NDN GROUP,, Hot Mob and more
Profile pic
Tom is the Editor-in-Chief, Co-director of Hong Kong Free Press, the first and only independent English media in Hong Kong
Screen shot 2016 02 01 at 12.15.08 am
Jess is the co-founder of GinZeng. Their company is a team of young entrepreneurs looking to revive Ginseng into a tasty & stylish drink!
Dr pigon chan doctor profilephoto1
His medical business ranges from general medical care, vaccination to dental care, cardiac checkup, DNA testing to even anti-ageing cosmetic.
Meet The Women of Bloomberg TV - Angie Lau, Anchor & First Up with Angie Lau, Bloomberg's flagship Asia news show
Guy look cfo sasa profilephoto2
With over 33 years of financial management experience, Guy is the CFO and Executive Director of Sa Sa overseeing a company with annual revenue of HK$8.9 billion in FY 2015
Anita fung former ceo hsbc profilephoto1
Meet Anita, the former HSBC Chief Executive who broke through the glass ceiling as the first female CEO in a fiercely competitive industry.
Olivia wong director human resources swire properties profilephoto
Olivia Wong oversees Human Resources at Swire Properties, a company known for investing and nurturing high-calibre talented professionals
Sam ng founder fundel profilephoto
Fundnel is the first Asia online investment network connecting private business with a community of investors. Sam is dedicated to drive capital markets for private companies in emerging companies
Gary ngan cfo meitu profilephoto
Find out Gary’s secret sauce of landing his first CFO job at the age of 28 with some financial knowledge plus a lot of video games
Chu tsz wing chief headmaster st hilarys primary school profilephoto
Meet Chu Tsz-wing (朱子穎) who saved a primary school from the verge of closure by reforming the exam-oriented curriculum through innovation & technology.
Screen shot 2015 09 15 at 3.43.34 am
Meet the Founder of SVhk - a venture philanthropic organization focused on inventing, incubating and investing in social start-ups in Hong Kong
Goldman sachs time auction step up your career workshop profilephoto1
Join us for a career day. Learn about interview and CV writing skills and about careers in the financial industry.
Sandra leung coo hkex profilephoto2
Ex-banker at Goldman Sachs, Le Cordon Bleu graduate, restaurateur & avid charity supporter, meet Sandra to learn about how to juggle it all!
Bob lam actor dj emcee profilepic
Meet Bob, the sought-after emcee, actor and DJ who shot to fame with his programmes at Metro Radio & TVB.
Su mei thompson ceo the women's foundation profilephoto
Su-Mei is CEO of The Women’s Foundation and champions the advancement of women at a grassroots community level and in the workforce
Michelle sun founder first code academy profilephoto
Meet Michelle. Founder of First Code Academy. Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia. Former investment research analyst at Goldman Sachs.
Maaike steinebach chief executive commonwealth bank profilephoto
Visit the Innovation Lab of Commonwealth Bank of Australia with Maaike, the lady behind the lab that brings together the Fintech community
Profilepic1 copy
Steven co-founded GoGoVan – a mobile app that serves as the great connector between freelance drivers with the people who need them
Sara mao head of sale chinese paintings christie's profilephoto
From Qing dynasty art work to Chinese contemporary ink, Sara is a Specialist in Chinese Paintings who knows about the art of collecting
Marie christine lee founder sports for hope foundation profilephoto1
Meet Marie-Christine Lee. Founder of Sports for Hope Foundation. Member of the eminent Lee Hysan property development family and much more.
Cherry fung country manager hong kong macau mongolia fortinet profilephoto
Join Cherry for lunch and a hacking demonstration at Fortinet, the No. 1 security equipment provider
Yin-Man is a renowned Investment Strategist
Nicholas chan partner squire patton boggs profilephoto
Nicholas is an award-winning lawyer & Partner from global law firm Squire Patton Boggs, vastly experienced in equity/venture capital, M&A & more.
Joshua ng caleb ng founders twins kitchen profilephoto
From being a chef, sommelier, barista, food critic and entrepreneur, Joshua & Caleb knows every aspect that makes a great restaurant
Wesley ng ceo casetify profilephoto
Wesley started Casetify, a leading tech accessories brand that integrates art, culture and everyone's true individuality
Leonie valentine google profilephoto1
Leonie Valentine is Managing Director, Sales & Operations at Google Hong Kong who has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales
Simon is an Entrepreneur, Hong Kong based Angel Investor, CEO at NEST Investments and Founder of creative agency Fluid
Kenneth she head of hong kong uber profilephoto
Meet Kenneth, Uber's first employee in Hong Kong who grew the startup's local presence from the ground up into a household name
Christine loh under secretary of the environment hksar government profilephoto
Christine is Under Secretary for the Environment in the HKSAR Government, with a long record of working on public policy and politics
Diana david financial times profile photo
Diana is a Business leader & Philanthropist involved in Financial Times,, Teach4HK, DaVinci Innovation Labs, AmCham and more
Donald li   bauhinia foundation research centre   profile photo
Donald dedicates to giving back through being a family doctor, teaching, community work & involvement in government & public health bodies
Guy leads Swire Properties, which builds shopping malls, business hubs, hotels and residences across Hong Kong, Mainland China, UK and US
Andrew chung   ceo   compass offices   profile photo 1
Andrew founded Compass Offices which has grown to 60+ floors in 11 cities in just 5 years, becoming Asia's fastest growing serviced office
Louie chung ceo lubuds group profilephoto1
Meet Louie Chung, Founder of LUBUDS Group has built multiple successful businesses in hair care salon, business consultancy, food & beverage
Renée Boey founded Baker & Bloom, an education center that promotes innovation, service, and leadership among youth in Hong Kong
Aaron lee founder dash serviced suites profilephoto
Meet Aaron. Founder of Dash Serviced Suites. Forbes 30 Under 30. Serial Entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses since he was 17.
Screen shot 2016 01 24 at 10.29.42 pm
Josiah Chiu is the Vice President of EF Education First Asia & is passionate about empowering youth through education.
Yen kuok founder guiltless profilephoto
Yen founded Guiltless, Asia's premier luxury consignment site, offering up to 80% off preloved and brand new designer labels
Aaron lee fion leung suetyi wong time auction team director ceo founders
Join the "Pushing the Envelope" Workshop by Time Auction & TEDxCityUHongKong on 20 April at City University. Learn to build, pitch and sell from the Time Auction Executive Team.
Timothy yu ceo snapask profilephoto
Snapask is a Hong Kong mobile tutoring startup which now serves over 100,000 students across Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore
Nancy sit actress singer profilephoto
Also known as Captain Nancy & 家燕媽媽, meet the beloved actress, singer and iconic figure in the entertainment industry!
Profile pic
Maura co-founded Sassy, a lifestyle guide for the strong and real-life community of Sassy girls in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Dubai
Philippe schaus ceo chairman dfs group profilephoto
Meet Philippe, Chairman and CEO of DFS Group, the world's leading luxury retailer dedicated to travelers and part of the LVMH group of companies.
Win mak founder ceo mirum agency profilephoto
Meet the man behind Hong Kong's digital agency of the year, Mirum, and previously the founder of DesignerCity (HK).
Fritz demopoulos founder queen's road capital profile photo
Fritz co-founded, China's largest travel internet company; and, China's largest sports internet company
Sammy hsieh cofounder iclick profilephoto
Meet Sammy, who started iClick, a marketing platform that helps businesses reach their audience in China ⁠— hear his story from starting the company to taking it public on NASDAQ in just 8 years!
Alex kong founder ceo tng wallet profilephoto
Alex founded TNG Wallet, Hong Kong's largest e-wallet service provider with over 500,000 app downloads and active usage, and is also one of the first fintech companies licensed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in August 2016

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